So What Do You Do Over the Summer?

One of the interesting questions that teachers often get asked is what they do in “all their spare time” during summer break. It seems to me that this is kind of like asking a farmer what he does in the winter! I’m sure they have plenty to do, just as teachers do in the summer. Here are some things we were up to:

Mr. and Mrs. Swanson:
Our whole family went to Shenandoah Christian Music Camp in June.  Jeff and I went on a 10-day tour of a few east coast states singing with the Oasis Chorale in July, and then we were at Teachers Week at Faith Builders in August.

Mr. Musser and family:
We spent three days at the cabin with each side of the family, kept the garden weed free, had numerous speaking engagements, writing assignments, and were at Faith Builders Teacher’s week. Oh, and school was mostly ready to go on August 25.

Mrs. Martin:
Summer is my time to do gardening, canning, freezing, and house cleaning. I also spent a fair bit of time in the office keeping up with book work and preparing for the coming school year.

Miss Jenna:
I spent the month of June working at Alliance Relief in Athens, Greece. The first weeks of July were spent in the classroom with all things school related. And the last full weeks of summer found me touring Poland with Hope Singers.

Miss Zimmerman:
I spent 5 weeks in Thailand teaching English at Suansawanvithaya School in southern Thailand and visiting a friend in Chiang Mai.  I also spent a day in Doha, Qatar on the way home.

Mr. Smoker:
My summer consisted of traveling to Indonesia and California, doing college studies, working in the woodshop, gardening, and enjoying spending time with my lovely wife.


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