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A Producer or a Consumer?

There is a term that I am called that I do not like- consumer. It causes me to be targeted with advertisements, loved by Google, loved by merchants, and a contributor to the US economy all because I consume things. It is as though my worth is in what I can afford to buy, drive, eat, build, and spend. At death, I might receive the words, “Well done thou good and faithful consumer, for you have spent more on yourself, ate more, lived better, drove better, and consumed more than your counterparts.” Being called a consumer really grates on me, because there is no value or hope or passion or challenge in being a consumer.

In the natural world there are consumers, like coyotes and eagles, and there are producers, like apple trees and algae that provide food for animals to eat. These plants use the chlorophyll inside them to absorb the sun to grow a product that is useful to the world around them. These plants certainly receive, but they are not consumers. They use what they receive (the sun) in conjunction with their own resources (chlorophyll) to produce what is useful,  beneficial, and needed to the environment around them. On the other hand, consumers, like eagles and coyotes, soar and sneak around looking for the best meal to benefit them, giving back very little to their environment other than keeping the food chain balanced.

I am convinced that this science lesson has a spiritual analogy, and I believe it is this:

-Christians can either be producers or consumers; and if they are not intentionally producers, then they are automatically consumers.

-Producers receive the Son, integrating him with their own personal gifts and resources to produce a product that is a spiritual blessing to the community around them.

-Consumers simply soar around looking for the next best event, preacher, or singing group to attend to give their spirits a boost and satisfy themselves. Sure the Son shines on them, and they absorb it, but yet they don’t produce a useful product to the community around them.

-Producers are consumed with the “Mission of the Master” of whom it is said: “the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” Producers are motivated by this mission, understanding by faith that the reward for the producer far surpasses the meager reward of the consumer.

Producers, consumers- which describes you?


-Lyle Musser



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