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What’s Happening in Your Sphere?

God has created the earth with a number of “spheres” around it to shield and protect it from potentially harmful elements coming in from outside sources. The atmosphere containing the air which surrounds the earth is a wonderful asset to life on earth, as it creates air movements¬† to carry life-giving water in big billowing clouds that spread rain over the crops we rely on for food. When the clouds thin out, the atmosphere seems invisible, but yet contains air and water molecules which scatter a beautiful deep blue color all across the sky. When in proper balance and orientation, the atmosphere is a person’s best friend and provider. When the atmosphere gets out of balance, polarizes, and experiences great extremes of temperature in its various layers, great storms and violent winds can develop and bring great destruction.

Another fascinating “sphere” which is less known or recognized is the earth’s magnetosphere. The earth truly is a very large magnet with orientation towards a magnetic north pole and magnetic south pole. This may seem insignificant, but this magnetic orientation is truly a life saver to life on earth, as it shields the earth from the sun’s radiation. As the sun burns each day, it literally loses millions of tons of mass. A portion of that mass is belched out into the solar system in the form of particle radiation. Particle radiation can be thought of as millions of sub atomic bullets flying directly at you as you stand here on earth. It would not really hurt to get hit by a few; but in a concentrated pack, they would pulverize our bodies. Thankfully, God has designed particle radiation to have an electric charge. Much of this particle radiation is actually captured and held in space without ever threatening the earth. However, the particle radiation that is not captured in space is currently aimed directly at you until it reaches the magnetosphere of the earth. Since the earth’s magnetic field reaches thousands of miles into space, there is a constant push and shove match¬† between the particle radiation and the earth’s magnetic field. The earth’s magnetic field, because of its orientation, stands its ground against the particle radiation and directs it toward the south or north magnetic pole. As it arrives towards the poles, the radiation is attracted magnetically to the earth and thus comes flying into the earth’s atmosphere at break neck speeds. Because of the extreme speed the particles are met with extreme resistance by the earth’s atmosphere and disintegrate in a fiery show called the Northern Lights or Southern Lights, similar to the way a “shooting star” dissolves in a fiery show when speeding toward the earth.

I think a great analogy can be drawn between this scientific understanding and our spiritual lives. Our school theme this year is focused on the armor of God. Ephesians 6:11 tells us to, “Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” Just as God has commanded the spheres of the earth to stand in proper balance and orientation to act as both carriers of life giving rain and shields against the particle radiation that threatens to destroy us, so has he commanded us to stand in proper orientation to him; so that we are spiritually equipped to be both carriers of his blessings to others, as well as shields from the enemy darts that threaten to destroy us. God has instructed us how to properly balance and orient our lives. When we stand in proper orientation to him, we find ourselves armed and equipped to not only stand, but to stand fast continually, for the long haul. He commands us to “stand” and put on the whole armor of God, so that we are able to “withstand” in the evil day. As we stand properly and dress properly with his armor, we will find the breastplate of righteousness guarding our hearts, our feet carrying the gospel of peace, our head protected by the helmet of salvation, our hands holding the Word of God which is quick and powerful and sharp like a sword, and attached to our arms, a shield of faith which continually resists and deflects the darts of the wicked one. Standing in the proper posture, with the proper protection, Paul adds one last weapon called prayer, which ensures the maintenance of proper posture and proper armor for the ongoing battle we face each day. May each of our lives emanate a “sphere” of influence that provides the blessings of God’s life-giving Word and protection from harm for all those near us as we demonstrate proper alignment with God and his direction for our lives.

-Lyle Musser

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