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A New Era at SMS

SMS is in our 10th year of operation this year. Up until this point, there has been a lot of vision, passion, and dedication given to “starting well.” The SMS building project has been long completed, but the final payment has been just completed. In many ways, this opens up a new era of opportunity for the school community of SMS. Two specific areas of opportunity are the newly created resource room that is operating this year for the first time and the potential of bussing for next school year. Up until this point, we have simply done our best to “make do” with the resources at hand. Classroom teachers were responsible to assist struggling students as best they could, and patrons have all shared their vans, SUV’s, and cars to see that their children arrived at school and got to their field trip locations.
As we enter this new era of being debt free, we are realizing the indescribable benefit of rounding out our services to students and patrons through the resource room. Many students who in the past would just “limp along” are now “running along” as they have resource room teachers with the time to meet their individual learning needs. Classroom teachers and parents have the satisfaction of knowing that the children going to the resource room are getting exactly what they need to overcome their learning challenges. In many ways this allows the classroom teacher to be relieved of the guilt of “never reaching around” and parents the satisfaction of seeing progress made on their child’s individual learning goals. This satisfaction is priceless, yet it has come with a price tag increase in the yearly budget. The board has decided not to place the financial burden of the resource room only on those receiving assistance, but encourages all of us to embrace those students with learning differences and come beside them in the spirit of community to provide for them what is needed.
In the same way that the added service of the resource room has been a blessing, we believe that the added service of bussing can prove to be a blessing to the SMS patron body. First of all is the convenience factor which patrons could enjoy from a bussing program. Second is the blessing of busses on field trip days and sports game days where the hassle of planning transportation could be done away with one large yellow machine. Third, and maybe most significant, is that school provided transportation could potentially raise the SMS enrollment toward a peak capacity, in turn relieving the budget of necessary donations due to increased tuition income.
In a day when many private Christian schools are struggling to exist, we are extremely blessed to be part of a community of faith that God has blessed abundantly. May we move forward with renewed passion and vision into this new era.

Lyle Musser

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