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Blessed Be God!

It is August 27, the first day of school for this year. This first day is like no other first day because of a number of new staff and quite a few new students as well. This day is also like no other first day, because school began today in a building that is paid completely! No debt, no loans– The SMS building is completely paid, because the year end matching fund of $60,000 was met thanks to your contribution and the contribution of many others from the SMS community. We are delighted to have reached this ambitious goal. The total contributions received toward the operating goal was $70,142.11 which allowed the capital side of the matching fund to take its place and make the final payment on the interest-free loans. The SMS board wants to express great appreciation to all who gave, making a very large goal achievable, one donation at a time!

Today, students repeated the same celebration as on September 7, 2007, which was the  first day that our building was used for classes. Chapel groups gathered in prayer thanking God for His provision of a wonderful school building as well as asking God to bless the upcoming school year. After prayer, each student received a helium balloon and attached a note of celebration. This note asked any who might find it to write back to the school and tell us where they found it. It is interesting that when this was done in 2007, we did receive two letters from Quakertown and one letter from Perkiomenville from some kind folks who found the notes and wrote to us. This morning when the balloons took off from school, they headed in a south easterly direction towards the Morgantown area. It will be interesting to see if anyone finds any notes and writes back.

Building repayment represents a pivotal point in SMS history as today we began our 10th year of school. Moving forward into our 10th year and beyond, there are more opportunities and challenges ahead of us as we seek to serve our patron body and the Church Community to the best of our ability.

-Mr. Lyle Musser


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