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Reflecting HIS Image

For those who visited school during first quarter, I am sure you noticed the student made posters hanging directly above you in the hallways. These posters depicted how we can reflect God’s image “in words, in actions, in expressions, and in character.” Since our theme this year focuses on man being made in the image of God, we have been trying to depict for the student what this teaching really means in practical terms. When we look at a picture and are asked to identify it, we might say, “That is a Grizzly Bear.” Technically that is not correct, because it is only an image of a bear. We intuitively know that it really is only paper and ink, for if it were truly a Grizzly Bear, most of us would run for our lives! This little illustration simply points out the fact that we commonly identify something by it’s image. If we look at the picture and say, “That is a Grizzly Bear,” no one will accuse us of lying because the image and the real thing are so closely identified in our minds that when we see the image we equate it with the real thing. The image will never run, growl at you, or attack you, but it sure is an accurate representation of the real thing! And so it is with us being made in the image of God. We severely underestimate our potential to be the portrait of the Real. We severely underestimate the potential that we have to boldly, and accurately picture our invisible God. God is more real than a Grizzly Bear, but he is not visible like the bear, so as image bearers, we have the important job of being the picture of a real, but yet invisible God. If we as Christians don’t bear his image, the world will lose all associations with God because we are his designated agents who picture him to the world. This is a high and holy calling as we attempt to portray God to the world around us, and especially to our children at home. Because we do live in a fallen and sinful world our children (and ourselves for that matter) need to understand that being an accurate representation of God will not happen automatically. We must realize that sin is always an affront and an offense to God because it mars his image in us. Because of God’s holy nature, anything less than holiness presents a marred picture of God, and any self righteousness gained by works is a stench to God who freely offers us his righteousness, if we accept it. As a Christian our standing before God is righteous, and our daily life should attest to that. When we fail (sin), we are horrified at our deeds, not because we thought we were beyond sin, but because we have put a blot on God’s picture that we are presenting to the children, coworkers, and community around us. When our character and our actions do not align with the character of God, we have sinned. In our actions, in our words, and in our character, we can see the image of God developing into a beautiful portrait, and when the portrait is looking less than beautiful, we should be ashamed of our failure to accurately portray the image of God. As parents, I believe we sometimes fail to realize how young a child can begin to develop a God consciousness. At a young age children can begin to understand the concept that when they have wronged their siblings or disobeyed their parents, that they have also disobeyed God. Of course we do not want to portray God as a mean old man upstairs waiting to whack every bad boy or girl, however, we do want to portray to our children that God sets the standard of right and wrong and he is disappointed when their actions cast him in a bad light. In order for the conscience to be developed a standard of “rightness” must be raised. If this standard is anything other than the righteousness of God, it is a false premise. God is looking for little pictures of him in all walks of life, who demonstrate him to the watching world. May we be faithful in being an accurate reflection of him, and may our children be guided into a life that aspires to bear HIS image.

Lyle Musser, Administrator

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